Why It’s Important to Use a Professional Video Editor

That’s a wrap…now you need a Video Editor…

Behind the Scenes Set Photo from Video Interview by MurphyWerx ProductionsOkay, the hard part is done, layout your production you’ve got the footage shot you’re happy with it and Now comes the part of putting it all together in the editing room. Do you know which in LE software you’re going to be using? Is that editing software is going to be able to work alongside and transcode the footage that your camera shot in the proper codec? What kind of features are you looking to add to your finalized video? If you want to add simple items like names and titles that can be done with just about any software hello once you start getting more complex with your request you’ll see that there’s a sharp learning curve involved for the software to give you the results that you’re looking to achieve.
Now certainly the situations described above or going to happen every time, however these are scenarios that do pop up and questions you do need to ask yourself before you start heading into the editing process. With the rapid expansion of technology in different camera systems with different resolutions available and you can often find that certain camera platforms contain proprietary file formats that they capture the video in.

Of course, you can do the traditional Google search go down the rabbit hole of Wikipedia manufacturer website Reading reviews to try to understand which software you need to use with your camera, we’ve all been there. There is a less stressful and much more productive way to approach that and that’s to chat with a video editing professional. Any a professional every situation is unique and may require a little bit of research although someone in the field is a lot more likely to be up-to-date always news and trends and he much more ahead of the curve in the regards to video and post production.


Ingesting & Transcoding 

Footage being ingested in NLE software Adobe Premier Pro

Initially when you offload your footage you would then sort them and organize it typically by camera or date shot depending on the production. Once you have done that, and properly renamed your files, you’ll need to then ingest the media into the NLE software to begin editing. Depending on which with resolution and format you shot your video you may be required to also transcode your footage so that is in a format that works with your editing software and it’s something that your computer is able to playback. This process requires lots of RAM & video processing power from your computer and can be quite tolling on a machine that machine that is not properly set up for video editing. A video editing professional will have a have editing machine that is built for ingesting, loves to transcode and is ready to render! Most professionals tend to edit on Mac-based systems although there’re certainly plenty of software that is open to both Mac and Windows platforms to allow users to work seamlessly between the two operating systems.


Make or Break a Video

After what seems like forever your footage is now adjusted and ready to go. You’ve got your favorite clips laid out on the timeline and everything is coming together nicely! O what’s that, look at all of these transitions and wipes that you can start adding to your video these are small things that will help take you from clip to clip. Classic things like cross dissolve, dip to black and star wife just to name a few. While these tools may seem easily accessible and the first really take your production to other level, you want to be careful because over using elements can really start take away from the overall message of power of the video itself. A seasoned video editor while use these elements, to help elevate your production and make sure that they’re properly used in a way they were designed for, in order to help take your production to the next level.

Creative Decisions

Coloring Panels in Adobe Premiere Pro
This is something that is rarely trained for and is usually found through unique skill set in talents, you need to be able to bring creativity to each project. That doesn’t mean that you can allow your creativity to flow over into the project, and we strongly encourage our clients to provide feedback during the editing process this will allow us to be creative with the vision while making sure that it’s edited touch on the key components that the client has requested.

Whether you were looking for someone to help put together footage from a recent recent event you captured or a company that can come up with a creative and dynamic way to utilize footage that you shot over for your company last year, MurphyWerx Productions would certainly appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and learn how we might help with your video editing needs. You can always touch base with us via contact page here or you can connect with us directly at 850-325-0887