Video SEO: What is it and why is it Important?

Video SEO is the way of developing the rate or visibility of a video in search engines in general, allowing it to appear on the first page of results. This procedure includes producing a video meta data that is compatible to what people are inquiring for and creating video content that generates traffic on a particular website. Video SEO may be shortened to as vSEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. The phrase develop your SEO strategy includes the actions taken to guarantee your website is found on the search engines result page (SERP) when looking for phrases or texts significant to the content on your website.

Why is Important?

Just like the conventional SEO, where there are habits of retaining and boosting a websites search engine rankings VSEO is intended to advance a videos airing once it is published online.

Things Needed to Optimize the Video:

Keywords for Better Video SEO

It is highly recommended that you do an accurate expanded keyword research with your target viewers in mind. First and foremost, you should know who your target audience are for the video. Then use a keyword research tool like the Google Keyword Planner this will assist you in researching the proper keywords people are mostly using when searching for products or services.

Useful Titles

In creating a title for your video it is very important that you include your keyword or keyword phrases to make it more effective and will surely reach your target audience. By doing this, there is a big chance that your video will show up in Google rankings and in YouTube searches.

Useful Descriptions

In search engines like Google and video streaming sites such as YouTube; it is very crucial to take note these sites needs to discovered and shared accordingly. This means that they depend on description attached to your video in order to know its content. This will also have a huge impact on your possible audience whether or not they will watch the video. Have a suitable keyword and keyword phrases in your description and detail the content of the video. We suggest to have a short summary at the beginning of the text, so your viewers can skim it quickly before clicking the play button.


Tags authorizes possible viewers to discover your video based on their interests. Think about what they might look for then add them to the appropriate sector of your video.

Powerful Promotion

If your video is done with proper keywords all sought out then it is time to think of a strategy to advertise it. It is best to always maximize your options by using multi-channel approach. Distribute it to all your business and personal social media platform, this will surely reach a wider scope of your audience.