Video SEO: How to Use It to Boost Your Business

In the last few years, video SEO has appeared as the latest and powerful approach for boosting your online perceptibility. Using a well-produced video for your business allows you to connect to a bigger audience or a particular statistics. This will assist in driving your traffic to your website and increase sales and spotlight to your business. In creating video SEO there are actually two major goals associated with it and that would be to build links and produce social shares or boost up conversions.

Here is how you can use video SEO to boost your business.

Build Links and Make Social Shares

Share it on your social media accounts

A well done video can produce a huge number of links for a website as well as thousands of high quality trustworthy domains. But since there are so many videos online you need to make yours truly exceptional that has an immense marketing plan. Just make sure that you link to or share it to your target audience. Offer something to your audience that would educate, shock, amaze or make them laugh. The main key here is to provoke a very strong emotional response that they would share it on their personal social media accounts.

Landing Pages

Every time someone lands on your website, it would only take a few seconds to fascinate them and catch their attention engaged enough to finish the video. People these days are so into vibrant media content that text content often times bore them. Embed your video on your website in order to boost the length of time that your viewers would stay on your website as well as the conversions to customers who are paying.

Product Videos

This is the most common way that sellers boost the conversion rate of their website using a video to market your product or service. More and more business owners are using this approach and are seeing productive results.

Introductory/Explainer Videos

If your business is service oriented then this type of video is the one for you to increase conversions. It’s about creating a video that introduces or explains your customers business competently and in a fascinating way. The conversion rate is about 7% when you embed the video on the “about us” page of your client’s site.

Rich Snippets 

Sample of Rich Snippet

You’ve seen on Google’s search result, the description of the article or video embedded on the page giving the Googler the information firsthand on what the video is all about. In short these rich snippets assists in making you stand out from the other nine results on the search. As a result researchers are more likely to click your link that would automatically increase traffic to your website or page. Have an alluring thumbnail as well as title so that you can maximize your conversions.

The recognition of online video introduces a large opportunity for SEO’s will to be creative to accomplish results. Producing a video is quite tricky but rest assured that you can have a high quality video that would help you get your return of investment (ROI) without sabotaging your budget.