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Powerful Sales Device

Commercial Video Production brings the products and services of your company to lift, while grabbing the attention of potential clients or customers. Marketing videos for your service, product or company can be an extremely powerful sales tool. Sales calls, trade shows, groups and your company website are some examples. MurphyWerx Productions will create high definition, professional and visually appealing videos for your company to use in sales and promotion.


Making waves...

In visual driven online world, you have only a quick window of opportunity to capture your potential buyer’s attention, and that’s where MurphyWerx Productions can help. We are no stranger to working alongside brokerages to help showcase their inventory of luxury yachts and custom sport fishing boats in a unique way that helps that stand-out from the competition. Utilizing the latest camera & aerial technology, our dedicated video team will capturing stunning visuals that will edited into a cinematic presentation customized for you!

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Luxury Real Estate

Leverage the Power of Video

Nowadays, real estate videography is important for any real estate agents who look to improve their sales and lead generation. Pictures will be able to help make the final sale, but at times, customers may need a quite more convincing to be wooed from their hesitancy. Video can be that extra push that they may need. Video compliments images well. It is able to show even more information without getting the customers to be bored by the dry real estate articles. Nevertheless, there are more reasons, which you can benefit from real estate videography.


Looking for help on your crew?

  • Close Up Camera Still Frame from Video Interview by MurphyWerx Productions
  • Medium Camera Still Frame from Video Interview by MurphyWerx Productions


Licensed & Insured

MurphyWerx Productions utilizes these unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones as they are sometimes called, to create amazing aerial photo and video productions. These light weight remote control aircrafts give up the opportunity to capture images & video using on-board cameras systems. This technology has made it possible for companies to use this aerial photo and video in their marketing. It has also allowed for these companies to stand apart from their competition. Shots that would have required a helicopter in the past, can now be filmed by a single remote pilot operator. Have you thought of how you might use aerial footage in your next video production?