Professional Production Services


Photography Services

Commercial photography refers to photos taken for commercial use, and often used to help market a product or service. No matter the size of your business, commercial photography can be very beneficial when promoting your company. The experienced commercial photographers at MurphyWerx Productions are hands-on and ready to help you grow your business.

Video Production

Professional Video Creation Services

Videos are proven to be fantastic ways to directly and effectively communicate with customers. Videos are fast becoming a reliable and powerful tool in marketing that can be used by both big and small businesses. Cost of video creation or production becomes more affordable not to mention the accessibility of videos online. This simply means that these greater marketing tools can now be easily accessed by business owners at reasonable prices. High percentage of video viewers usually shares contents to other viewers. This is a clear indication that videos are perfect ways to reach out for thousands of potential customers.

  • Behind the Scenes Set Photo from Video Interview by MurphyWerx Productions


Drone Photography & Video Services

Taking photos and videos has evolved over the years. This has made it easier for professionals to capture incredible and dynamic views. MurphyWerx Productions utilizes these unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones as they are sometimes called, to create amazing aerial photo and video productions. These light weight remote control aircrafts give up the opportunity to capture images & video using on-board cameras systems. This technology has made it possible for companies to use this aerial photo and video in their marketing. It has also allowed for these companies to stand apart from their competition. Shots that would have required a helicopter in the past, can now be filmed by a single remote pilot operator. Have you thought of how you might use aerial footage in your next video production?