Working alongside a local creative agency, MurphyWerx Productions video crew helped setup & capture a professional 2 camera interview with a local college president.

Project Case Study

Design/format—In our pre-production talks about this interview beforehand, the agency gave some insight that they wanted these scenes lit very balanced, with not too much contrast across the talent’s face. Due to the shooting location (Dean’s office), we were unable to scout the location prior to our shoot, which left us going in blind as far as setup. We had a solid crew with a dedicated PA, 2nd Camera Operator, and Sound Producer. Thankfully the agency choose to add a makeup artist to our crew, which really helped with our talent.

The Situation—The client wanted something that gave a very airy feel, while a sense that our talent was talking about something very sincere. The location would be the Dean’s office, although we had to make sure it didn’t look like his office due to previous video projects being shot in that same location.

The Challenge—Upon arrival, we found the location was a nice office, although offered very standard office wall texture. The office was rectangular with one of the long walls being lined with windows, which greeted us with a rising sun. Thankfully these windows had a nice shade to them, which acted as diffusion for the sun. The south wall of the office had very styled treatment, with a nice wood desk adorned with plants, and fixtures that provided excellent background atmosphere.

The Work/Solution—Our initial setup had us facing the the north corner of the room and it really gave us no background sans wall. The on-site producer along with artist director wanted it to have a sense of space, which this wasn’t offering at all. We decided to give the set a complete 180, and were able to shoot at somewhat of angle to avoid using the same backdrop as their previous videos, while giving us some depth to the room.

The Gear—We ended up using our Sony FS5 with Rokinon Cine 35mm lens at f/3.5 for our A Camera with gave us an approximate focal length of 50mm with crop factor. Our B-Cam was a Sony A7S II using a Metabones EF to E adapter with the Canon 70-200mm IS II, which gave us a nice close-up shot for an additional angle during the interview.

For lighting, we utilized our 4′ Mathews Silk Scrim which we pushed our Arxtec LED through for a key light. We then attached a 48″ pop-up Impact reflector to a C-stand to give us a nice negative fill on our subjects’ long side. For a nice kicker light we added a Generay LED light (half covered in gaff) to a light stand to give just a little light on the jawline.

Results—Overall the shoot ran very smoothly, especially for not being able to review the location beforehand. We’re very thankful for a crew that was quick to respond, and get our setup adjusted as we needed. The talent was very comfortable, and ran through the interview very smoothly. The agency expressed that they were very pleased with final aesthetic, and we personally can’t wait to see them used in their campaign.