Project Case Study

MurphyWerx Productions recently worked alongside Better Homes & Gardens Main Street Properties Realtor Alison Davenport to show case this new luxury listing. Wanting to capture the most elegant parts of this home, we decided to capture this home during twilight hours to help showcase the beautiful Gulf views.

Design/format—We wanted to showcase this beautiful multi-level mansion located on the Gulf of Mexico in Perdido Key, FL. In our experience as Real Estate Photographers, the twilight hour often gives you the best lighting, while providing the most least amount of dynamic contrast between the interior and exterior.

The Situation—The client wanted something that gave a sense of luxury, while accenting the beautiful coastal views, and nearby nature preserves. We would also be utilizing our company drone to help showcase this beautiful home from the air, and had to take precautions to make sure we had the best light.

The Challenge—Upon arrival, we found the location was tucked behind quite a few trees in the front, which would offer it’s own set of challenges for the drone. Additionally, while shooting during the golden hour is always nice, it doesn’t leave you a lot of time to shoot…. ~2 hours if you’re lucky. While we were able to capture a majority of the home, we ultimately did have to revisit the property at a later date to capture updated interior shots for video (due to the amount of light needed).

The Work/Solution—In order to make sure that we had proper coverage we got to capturing the still photography & aerial photos right away, taking priority of the interior rooms without window views to be most efficient. After fishing the aerial photos, our cinematographer Benjamin switched over to the interior video with the objective of capturing the highest quality video we could.

The Gear
Photography: Canon 6D with Canon 17-40 f/4 lens

Aerial: DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Video: Sony A7S II with Sony 16-35 f/4 Lens | Ronin-MX & Edelkrone Slider used for support

Results—Overall the shoot ran very smoothly, and the agent was overall very pleased with how the visuals turned out. This home will truly be able to market itself with views such as these. We’re very thankful for a having a client that has prepped their seller for our arrival, and was equally as eager to help accommodate during the shoot.