Unique Video Marketing for a Real Estate land listing

Project Case Study

MurphyWerx Productions recently worked with Real Estate Agent Jackson Mobley, who wanted a unique high quality video to exhibit this amazing property lot to his prospect buyers by telling a story by using the power of video, that there is more to this piece of property than just a land.


Design/format— This Realtor wanted something unseen in show casing this real estate lot. Usually for property listings such as this there are typically no photos, and if there are photos are taken from the ground and there is no real concept behind the lot or what you can do with it. We decided to use the land as a backdrop and come up with a few sub stories to tie up that the place is perfect for just about anyone.

The Situation— We needed to make sure that we delivered a project is different from the others that shot in the area and haven’t been seen in the Pensacola market. We elected to shoot two different stories, one of a outdoormans/hunter and the other of a small family both enjoying this land to show how exclusive it was and how rare it could be. This would also give the realtor a high end video content to allow his brand to stand out.

The Challenge— The logistics, getting talent in one place was our biggest issue, primarliy because we were filming during the weekday before sunset. The shoot took 2 hours for us to film the entire video including ground footage and the aerial footage. Thankfully we had a production assistant on set, who helped worked as a runner, setting up the equipment we needed, transition from one scene to the next. Regardless of the humid weather, the production ran fairly smoothly, had to watch out for the occasional pine trees when flying the drone. We needed to finish everything before everything got dark.

The Work/Solution— After we arrived on site, we quickly started setting up the gear; the drone (Phantom 3 Professional), the camera, (the Sony A7S II)  and the DJI Ronin MX. After we had setup everything, we scouted the property to get an eye what was going on, and where we will be filming. We found the proper shot locations for the script, even though we had designed the shots for a property we hadn’t seen yet. After our talent arrived, our small family, and we decided to go ahead and capture their scene near our base camp so we can get them in and out of there especially that there was a young child on set. They were very accommodating, we shot with them about an hour. We got plenty of great footage; ground and aerial and once their scene was done we connected with the agent right away who was also in the video. We took advantage of the remaining sunlight and we also wanted to capture some nice sunset as well.

Results— Project went great, and we ultimately ended up creating a very polished high end marketing piece that the Agent can help promote and enlist this one of a kind property that spoke highly of his brand. This is a tool that he can go to in the future for his potential clients and say “Hey, this is the kind of caliber that I bring to every listing or property/land that I think are unique.” A high end tool like this is very important. The video was a success with many positive interaction online. We had a post meeting with the client afterwards and he expressed how happy he was with the results and talks of doing future interview promotional videos.