Should You Produce Professional Video for Yourself?

You have decided to engage with online video and you have everything planned out like what type of style you would use, location much more. Now it’s time for the production stage and post- production. There are many factors to consider before diving into any decision and the finished product is always the priority. If you are asking yourself if you should produce a professional video, let’s check the pros and cons:


Cost Efficient

The number one reason that most people and companies would self-produce their online video is budget. There is a notion that hiring professionals to do the project for you requires a lot of money and with the budget on the line this options seems to be a no-brainer. It is indeed cheaper to do almost anything yourself, it can save you money.

Creative Control

You have the overall creative control when you self-produce your online videos. You are in charge of the effects, the background music, audio and the final outcome of the said video.

Low Production Values

Often times when we say low production, we always assume that it’s not worth watching. But there are many viral videos you see online that doesn’t have that Hollywood quality and it’s usually created by amateurs. Viewers just love the authenticity of low production values.


Low Production Values

You and viewers can easily identify a self-produced video compared to the one done by professionals. With professionals the outcome of the video is always better since they are using top of the line editing software, high end cameras plus skills and talent.


There will a lot of errors when you do the production yourself. Chances are you will have a hard time on the editing part in chopping the clips, audio wise or simply applying the effects that you want to apply. One of the reasons why some businesses would truly invest in hiring professionals because this part of the production is truly complicated and time consuming.

Time Wasted

Time is wasted every time you commit mistakes in shooting and editing your video. Since you don’t know everything about video production from blocking, framing to lighting of lenses. The result would be trial and error every step of the way. Every option you take would eat up time compared to professionals where they know what they would do since day one.

It is fairly less expensive to create your own videos than to hire experienced videographers to do it for you. If you feel that this is too much for you to handle, it would be best to start looking for video companies that you could work with. This will allow you to achieve that final product that you can use for your marketing method.