Need Photography in Pensacola, FL? Use These Screening Questions

Licensed photographers use their skills and knowledge to capture those precious moments. Since there are numerous photographers in Pensacola, it’s going to take more than one day to pick that would fit your standards. Good thing there are ways to look for the perfect candidate to get the shots for your event. Once you have the list of your prospects here are the best screening questions to ask them.

Do you have insurance?

If they answer you “YES”, go ahead and ask more questions to find out if the photographer is right for you. If “NO”, look for another candidate. Accidents happen when you least expect it and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What’s your credentials and background?

This is where you ask as many questions as possible to candidates. This will give you more perspective on the full credentials and background of the photographer. You can ask these questions:

  1. When did you start working as a drone photographer?
  2. Where did you get your training?
  3. Do you belong to any professional photographic associations?
  4. Are you a certified professional photographer (CPP)?
  5. Do you have a degree in photography degrees?

These professional drone photographers have one of a kind skills and training in this area. Making them stand out in taking those breathtaking aerial shots that you want to capture.

Can you give references and may I see your profile?

A bona fide professional will not hesitate in presenting as many references as you need from former clients, associates and other photographers. Make sure to reach out to the references so you can know more about your potential photographer. You can ask how it was working with them or how they work. You can also ask for samples for the previous photography session. This will give you an idea as to how creative the photographer is and if they are indeed talented.

What is your photography method?

A photographer’s method is mirrored in their portfolio and having them to completely shoot a different method might lead to disaster. Give them your ideas and the story you have. Ask them to share their thoughts on how you envision your project. Having a good relationship with your photographer will surely reflect on the photos.

What is your time frame and what’s included in your fee?

Knowing what is included on the fee they quoted you is very important. How many shots and how long it would take for the finished product to be delivered to you. Usually you would give them the deadline and you should ask if they can deliver on or before that date. You and your photographer can make the adjustments on schedule if there will be unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather or some personal emergency.

Cherylyn Murphy
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Do you have backup equipment?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Asking this question to your candidates will give you assurance that they are indeed prepared just in case the main camera encounters some error. We never know what problems we might encounter during photo shoots.

Do you have a contract?

Always ask about the contract, if they provide one. This will protect you and the photographer and it’s a must have for any photo shoot projects. It should contain the expectations of both parties, the backup plans, itinerary or in case of emergency. Regardless how big or small the event is, having a contract will keep you and the photographer on the safe zone.

The most important thing in hiring a photographer is that you are comfortable with them professionally and personally. If you are in doubt then don’t risk it. So pay close attention to chemistry and their work. It’s okay if you ask so many questions about them and what they can do. It is your right as a client. Anyone can shoot good photos once in a while but why settle when you can have the best.