Marketing Video Production: The Process, from Beginning to End

Video production is the method of making video by capturing stunning moving images and a mixture and contraction of parts of the video in the actual production and post production.  But what is the process? Here’s how creating marketing video production are both challenging and fun at the same time.


This is the first stage of the production. Once the client has given a short description of what they need and want from the production company then the planning starts. Some details will be needed such link of the client’s website or social media page so they can have a better idea of their client. Often time there is a need for a primary meeting too better discuss personally the video production plans and ideas. Usually contract signing, choosing a payment schedule and picking up dates for deadlines are included in this meeting.  Screen writing, story board, cast & crew are also tackled in this stage of the production. There will be people involved to make this project smooth sailing. Director, camera operator, runner, lighting crew, sound engineer and make up will be the team behind the scenes.

Ben and Cheryl Murphy
Videographer and Photographer
Murphywerx Productions


The second stage. This is where the action happens. Most video needs one or a few shooting days depending on the kind of video production you have. Also if you have different locations, then it will add up on the deadline. Usually maximum time frames are given to the client so that they won’t pressure or rush you just in case the shoot is needed to be canceled due to some weather condition.


The third stage. This is where all captured footages during production are edited. In this phase the video editor will apply his skills in correcting the colors, add special effects, music and make the needed video cuts to put your story together. Before sending out the finished video, the client will be asked to see it. This will give the editor enough time if there is a need to revise some scenes or if it’s good to go.


The final stage. This is where the video is ready to be shared with your targeted audience using your website and other social media platform. Just make sure that you have a catchy title, a direct description of your videos. This will allow your viewers to have an idea as to what they will viewing.