Marketing on a Dime Pt. 4

Hello world!  Sorry I missed a post last week.  You know how Spring Break goes with kids, friends and family and going in a million different directions…  My apologies.

We here in Pensacola are having some lovely thunderstorms this morning and it gives me a chance to get caught up on some work!

Have you all been enjoying my ‘Marketing on a Dime’ series?  Have you implemented any of the tips into your routine?  How is it working for you? I would love to hear your feedback.  I would also like to hear about things you may need help with in marketing your business.  🙂 In case you have missed previous posts here they are:

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Social Media!

To continue on with my social media sub-series, I will tackle Twitter.  I’m not going to lie, when I first went on Twitter, I felt extremely overwhelmed at the speed of how fast my ‘feed’ was updating.  It was daunting.  I didn’t even want to get into it because it seemed like it would take a tremendously amount of my time to read everyone’s tweets, comment, retweet, and make tweets of my own.  But once I understood all the lingo and how to navigate, it’s easy peasy!  Here are the basic twitter term uses:

‘@’ is always at the beginning of a user’s name.  If you want to ‘tag’ (mentioning their name and it also making it appear in their feed to their followers too) someone in a post.

‘#’ = hashtag  Use this in your posts, (ie #realestate) that way when someone searches, ‘realestate’ within Twitter, your post will show up as well. This is also what is used when people refer to ‘trending’  if some major event is happening, you may hear on the news that it was ‘trending’ on twitter.  Users were all putting the same ‘hashtag’ into their posts causing this to happen.

When you sign up, use your name and always post a picture.  Don’t leave it where you are just an egg.  That will get you no where.  You’ll want to enter your bio, contact info, a link to your website and your Facebook business page too.  There will be suggestions of people for you to follow.  People from your email and Facebook is a good place to start.  I recommend not following major celebrities because you will just be inundated with RT’s (Retweets), from everyone and their brother that you aren’t following, in your feed.  I do suggest, however, following major RE news outlets, RE writers, other real estate professionals and the local chamber and news feeds.  These will provide great info for you to tweet or post on Facebook about.

Other things to tweet, just like I mentioned in my last post, 80% personal/20% business.  Smartphone apps make it soooooooo easy to ‘check in’ at your favorite restaurant or even your new listing!  Snap a pic when you check in and make sure to mention that you are listing it (include your brokerage’s name-otherwise it’s a blind ad) and a link to your website where they can find more info.

You can make your Twitter profile page look more fancy, instead of the plain blue bubble background.  If you need help with this, Murphy Marketing can do that for you!  Just shoot us a message and we can coordinate it. 🙂

Again, I would love to hear your feedback. Hope you are having an awesome and productive week!  The season is already looking like a busy one.  Don’t forget that we are here to help you become more productive and make more money!!!

Here are a few pics I took while on Spring Break:

Overlooking the IntraCoastal Waterway - Murphy Marketing Solutions
Overlooking the IntraCoastal Waterway
White Sandy Beaches of Johnson Beach in Perdido Key - Murphy Marketing Solutions
White Sandy Beaches of Johnson Beach in Perdido Key
Emerald Green waters of the Gulf of Mexico - Murphy Marketing Solutions
Emerald Green waters of the Gulf of Mexico
My oldest son - Proud of his sand tunnel - Murphy Marketing Solutions
My oldest son – Proud of his sand tunnel