Marketing on a Dime Pt. 3

I hope everyone has gotten the chance to get outside this week and enjoy the springlike weather. This Sunday is time to ‘spring ahead’ your clocks an hour and enjoy longer days again.
Real estate sales will be back on the rise now (even though they are already up!) and getting your marketing in place for all your new listings is key to running a smooth real estate business. One of the main things to do would be hire Murphy Marketing Solutions to do all your marketing for you 😉

This week’s installment begins a sub-series on dun dun dun….social media. Social media is tough to get started, but once it gets going, it pays off to keep it going.
Facebook is of course the number one social site on the Internet today. As real estate professionals, there are rules and regulations that a lot of agents are ignoring or it simply didn’t occur to them that they would apply in this situation.
To promote your business in any way shape or form requires that you have a ‘business page’ instead of just using your personal page.
As for what to promote on your business page, think the old 80/20 rule. 80% customer engagement and 20% actual business. Get previous clients to give you testimonials on your page, record a video of them with their new home and tell of their buying or selling experience. Talk about area events or your favorite places to eat (or drink).

The best thing of all, IT’S FREE!!!

Stay tuned next week for another installment of my sub-series on social media.

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And, because I like taking pictures everywhere I go, here is a pic of a Pensacola pelican down at Palafox Pier