Marketing on a dime Pt. 2

Hello! Are y’all ready for some sunshine? And for it to stick around? It was sunny for a hot minute today before the fog rolled in. And when I say hot, I mean hot!

Mother nature knows its March 1st right?

Annnyywaaayy…. You ready for a new tip this week to get your listings seen by more buyers? Great!

Postlets is free to sign up and enter your listings in with a few pictures. Syndicates out to several websites and even gives you a nifty code that you can cut and paste directly into Craigslist to make your listing all purdy looking, like you spent some time putting it all together. And even though you can’t put all your pics there, you can link it back to your website to drive more traffic, to view more pictures AND more listings! If your content is easy to navigate and contains useful information, they may just stick around for a while and keep coming back. Crazy concept eh?
And a little tip from experience, don’t just post in the local Craigslist. Post in big cities within driving distance, especially if the listing is in a resort market. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone I told you that. It’ll be our little secret.

Hope you all have a super productive Friday and happy selling!

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