Aerial Drone Photography and How to Use it to Promote Your Business

DJI Phantom 3

Photography has evolved and is still evolving when it comes to capturing the perfect moment and view. Photographers will continue to discover new tricks that would make their photos breathtaking and unforgettable. This is why aerial drone photography is extremely famous today. A drone is used and it has the capacity to take still images as well as videos that is impossible for photographers and videographers to take themselves.

Let’s say you are interested to venture on this road and no doubt you have the eye, talent and skills to do so but there are so many questions inside your head on how you can use it to promote your business. It’s pretty obvious that there are many drone services in the market today and of course you want to stand out. Check out these tips that you can use.

Create the Perfect Website

Having your very own website where potential clients can check out your portfolio is very important. It should be able to showcase what you are all about as a photographer and what amazing aerial photos you have taken. Be precise on what service you offer so that people can easily identify you.

Know about SEO

In every online marketing and advertising, search engine optimization SEO is a big part of it. Some entrepreneurs would think that this is difficult but it isn’t. First, you should know your target consumers, then deliberate a lineup of possible keywords that your consumers might search on Google.

Use Lead Magnets

Most of the time, people who visits a website would just, scan or check out the photos then off to the next site. But, if you use lead magnets it will surely bring in business leads. Offer them freebies or discount codes if they sign up for newsletters. Updating them through email or text messages will keep them interested.

Landing Pages

Aerial Shot by Benjamin Murphy
Official Drone Operator – MurphyWerx Productions

The use of landing pages to advertise your marketing proposals and attract visitors to your website and have that connection is a good way to promote your business. The main purpose of this is to transform your visitors into leads. A simple and user friendly page is important so that if they want to take action it would be one click away.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing maybe old school but we cannot its effectiveness in nurturing leads.  Direct Marketing Association declares that for $1 spent on email marketing the return of investment is $42. Once you have done everything to get your prospects attention the next step would be to keep the relationship going and constantly provide value with every email you send out.

Give them additional tips, special discounts or promotions, entertaining news about the drone industry or share your success stories. Make sure that you send emails regularly to those who are in your list and keep an eye on your open and click through ratio to know what content works best.