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MurphyWerx Productions was originally named Murphy Marketing Solutions, a company founded in August of 2011 by husband and wife team, Benjamin and Cherylyn Murphy. The company’s intent was to provide a full range of marketing services to their clients. After a few years of being in business, Ben and Cherylyn reevaluated their business and choose to focus on the services that were best received by their customer base.

In February of 2016, Murphy Marketing Solutions morphed into MurphyWerx Productions. They choose to focus on photography and video, working alongside their customers to help develop their brands through MurphyWerx’s services. Their business and corporate photography and video creation services are very well received by their clients and have helped to establish MurphyWerx as a notable company for those looking to create visual content for their business. They create visuals for real estate, yacht and many commercial companies as well as content for websites and catalogs for those companies. They make sure to provide all their clients superior service and quality content, all the while working hard to ensure that each client is informed and approves of their work every step of the way.

MurphyWerx Productions aspires to create long term relationships with each client through the achievement of the following goals:

  • Creating superior content whether in photography or video form
  • Ensuring that clients have a thorough understanding of the process and what the final    outcome will be through proper workflows and project management on each level
  • Providing clients with the best experience possible

If you’re looking to create visibly better visuals for your business to make you stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a real estate broker, marketing manager, production manager or business owner, MurphyWerx will surely meet all of your needs and create the quality content that you’ve been searching for. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Our Team

Benjamin Murphy | Owner & Director at MurphyWerx Productions

Benjamin Murphy - Director | Director of Photography

Benjamin Murphy, co-owner of MurphyWerx Productions, was introduced to photography at an early age. He didn’t know it then, but it would become his passion and his life’s work. He gravitated more towards computers during his high school years and found that he loved the technology side of creative programs. Ben got into web design, but quickly found the repetition of coding didn’t give him the creative stimulus that he was expecting. But he loved the design and creative part of the job and combined that with his rediscovered passion for photography, which slowly evolved into a love of video. Ben has self-taught the skills he now uses to create high quality videos for his clients. He has been married to Cherylyn since 2010 and the pair run MurphyWerx together. He is passionate, charismatic and is quite often caught speaking in puns. He’s also a lover of the outdoors and finds great enjoyment in flying drones.

Cherylyn Murphy - Business Operations | Photographer

Cherylyn’s love for photography was largely a hobby before she co-founded MurphyWerx Productions with Benjamin Murphy, her husband of now eight years. She used to photograph race, drift and drag cars for shows and client profiles as a hobby. Her switch to real estate photography and video began when she worked as a Realtor’s Assistant and then Sales Manager of a top producing real estate company. Her passion for photography came together with her real estate background when she founded MurphyWerx. She loves to tell a story through her work and believes that there is heart in anything, whether it be house or car or handcrafted product. She works to make this a reality through the photography and video services provided at MurphyWerx. Cherylyn is a strong, creative visionary who loves bringing people together to create something bigger than everyone involved.

MurphyWerx Productions Team Member Carressa Rez Alican

Caressa 'Rez' Hechanova - Production Coordinator & Social Media Marketing Manager

As our Production Coordinator, Rez is often behind the scenes ensuring that our crew has the proper information, and logistics to make our projects a success. She’s been able to grow within her role, and also help MurphyWerx Productions make sure their online marketing is constant with the quality of product that they produce. Her passion for continuing to grow personally & professionally has made her an invaluable resource among the team, and allowed her the opportunity to make her role her own. When Rez isn’t hard at work, she’s out enjoying time with her family, frequenting her favorite local restaurants, or traveling around!