5 Ways to Use Video SEO to Help Your Business

Using video on your website improves your visitors experience, it makes you unforgettable. It puts a face, a voice or animation to your company. Here are 5 ways you can use video SEO to help your business.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Video

In every video you publish always ask them to subscribe to your channel or account. This way they can see firsthand fresh videos you upload. This can be an introduction to yourself and your team, a thank you, a holiday greeting, a product demo or anything that you feel is valuable information to your viewers. Plus, you can also provide a “please don’t leave” message for those who wants to unsubscribe. This would add value and hopefully get them to reconnect with you and your company.

Video Sequence

This is an amazing method to engage your viewers and choose which leads best suits you and your business by how quickly and often they finish the sequence.

Client Testimonials

Every potential client are assured with a good testimonial from previous clients. It’s public proofing and exhibits that you are successful in what you do. It also presents that people adore your service and product enough that they would make the video for you.

Special Promotion

The video can be used to display new products, it can be used to inform clients of any special events such as sale, webinar and etc. You can also include discount coupons that is exclusive for viewers only. You can also do live streaming in the actual event.

Social Media

This is the perfect corner to share a video. In addition, there is no need to worry about production quality as much for your hosted website. Social media platform are accessible and this is another wat to do just that. Just make sure to keep within the element of the page you are sharing on. Every social site have their own advantage for sharing video. Remember to have a catchy title, proper tagging of categories and add a description of what your video is all about. Ask your viewers to click like and share, also add a landing page where they can visit if they want to know more about you.
But in all of this, the crucial part is to send a message that reflects with your clients, visitors and fans. Create a video with any kind of content, make you sure that you consider your viewers and where they will watch the video. Make it accessible to every gadget available so that they can view it anytime and anywhere.