3 Traits a Camera Operator Must Have

In any movie or video production, great credits are usually given to producers, actors and directors but what about the person behind these powerful lenses that we never get to see? That someone who would walk along a bumpy and muddy road with their view limited to a tiny 1 inch rectangle, doing their very best to get that shot. – The Camera Operator.

The lack of difficulty in capturing a video with smartphones has made everyone think that they can easily do and that they are some famous Hollywood director. But the truth is, it is very hard to find a good and talented camera man.

Once you know the reason why you are creating a video as well as your goal; you can easily compose a script and storyboard with a producer to assist you in figuring out the best way to spread your message.

Tag the camera operator or DP in the process so that they will have an idea as to what you what and they can give out suggestion or explain the possible approach. Here are some traits that you need to check out when looking for a camera operator.

Easy to Work With

Looking for someone who is easy to work with is always good to have especially when choosing a camera operator. Of course you would want someone who can: put those being filmed calm; patient on set specifically during unavoidable problems that causes delay and understanding enough when there is a need to re-shoot.


Sharp Technical skills

Managing a camera or adjusting its angles and maintaining composition is no easy task. Understanding, learning and mastering the technical skills needed to become a camera operator takes time and add some more in perfecting a specialty. Though some specializes in multi-cam and then some can do everything. Camera operators are required to be updated on new equipment, lighting, up to date shooting techniques, resolutions, frame rates and tons of formats.


Benjamin Murphy
Videographer/Camera Operator
MurphyWerx Productions

Creativity is a natural talent that cannot be learned from school or anywhere else. A creative camera operator have an artistic eye and sights a good moment for framing shots. Having the intelligence to view through the lens and vision how all these elements will come together – perspective, lightning, visual composition and movement – is very important so that the photos will strengthen your message and relay your story the way you want. Another extra point for this is that it will be compatible with your brand image.

Aside from being knowledgeable of the updated news through forums, journals and industry association, the camera operator must also obtain strength, physical stamina and ability. Although this kind of work is fun – it can also be very challenging – the unpredictable conditions, long hours of shooting, literally you will be on your feet the entire day.

Video today is considered a very powerful medium that scales fast thanks to our advance digital, social and mobile technologies. You have to make sure that you have a camera team that can see your vision and efficiently reach out to your audience.