3 Tips for a Killer Video Interview

A video interview is excellent for first base before face to face interviews. Being your best is needed to succeed. But how do you do that? Here are three simple tips.

Prepare for Video Interview

They have a saying for video interview all you need is a computer, headset and a good internet connection. But in reality, these things are not enough. Walls count especially if your location is at home. Here are some notes for your preparation.

  • Check all your gear, then check it again!

You have to make sure that everything is good to go. Your connection, camera, sound, video program and light are tested. In checking, ask a friend to assist and run a test interview. It is better to record this test, for you to know how you sound and look. Internet connection is very crucial, so make sure that you have a stable one. You don’t want to lose this important video interview for an inadequate internet connection.

  • Proper Location

Just like in any other interview, unnecessary noise and distracting backgrounds like a messy room or moving people are forbidden. It will give a negative impression to your interviewer. You also have to take note that framing from the waist up would be perfect.

  • Dress Accordingly

Dress accordingly just like how you would dress up on a face to face interview. This will give your interviewer an impact of how professional you look. No heavy make-up or excessive jewelry is advised.

  • List Down Questions

If there are unclear concerns never be afraid to ask questions to your interviewer. Arrange all potential questions in advance. Create a cheat sheet for your guideline.

Background Check

If you are not familiar with the history of the company you are applying in, it would be best to do a little background check on them. It wont hurt to know them a little and you can base your questions from that research. This will also impress your interviewer, making you look interested and enthusiastic to work with them.

How to Succeed on Video Interview

Today is the day! All system checked! And questionnaires are prepared as well. You are ready to do the video interview and make a good impact to your interviewer. Here’s a simple reminder on what you should do during interview.

  • Glance into the camera

Make sure to make eye contact when needed and always remember to smile. Making eye contact will make you look like a confident candidate. Envision the webcam as the person who is talking to you.

  • Tone of Voice

It is preferred to talk in a conversational tone and to act as if you were in an actual interview.

  • Take Time to Answer

Take a breather before answering the question. This guarantees that you are not cutting off the interviewer.

There you have it. We hope that these pointers will help you out in your next journey! Best of Luck!