You want to build a website? Here are the 10 things to get you started…

Things to know to know for designing your new website:

1. What does your business actually do?

This will help us start working on your design concept, to make sure that we show your business in it’s true light. i.e. We provide marketing services to primarily real estate and small business owners that don’t have the means to have a substantial marketing budget to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the concerns with not being able to properly market yourself without spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing. Clients call us because they have a need to get their brand in front of more consumers. They tell us their budget and we start working on a customized, progressive marketing program that grows along side their business. So we would portray the problem and explain how we would solve that problem.



2. What do you want your site to accomplish?

Unfortunately, we need more than just ‘make money’, how does your business/service do that? Do you need to promote memberships to your site? Sign consumers up to your newsletter? Are we simply showcasing one product?


3. Do you have a website already?

  • When did you get this site?
  • Do you find it easy to use and edit?
  • What CMS (Content Management System) does it use (if any)?
  • What do you like about it? 
  • What DON’T you like about it?
  • How many inbound leads are you currently getting from it?
  • Is it giving you the results you want to see?
  • Have you got Google Analytics setup? If so, can you generate a report for us so we can see what’s working and what’s not?
  • What would you like to see carry over to the new site?

4. What makes your company remarkable?

Always try and figure out what the makes your business unique to everyone else.  What makes you remarkable?!?

When your consumers are searching for your product/service, they are looking to solution to some sort of problem, so make sure to define what makes your business special and define a clear solution to their problem.

Lots of small business’ get complacent with their online presence. 

They assume that when a prospect is browsing their site, that they’re the only vendor being considered. And that it’s okay to wait 2 days to respond to a quote request, because they also assume that that prospect hasn’t contacted anyone else.

WRONG! Your consumer wants a solution NOW! And our job is to make sure we give them the information they are looking for in a clean, and concise manner.

Examples of how you are remarkable could include:

    • Being the cheapest.
    • Specialized equipment to get the job done.
    • Having awesome customer service. 
    • An amazing guarantee or returns policy. Tip: Think Zappos and their 12-month shoe return policy!
    • Being the exclusive supplier of a product in a certain area.
    • Supplying the best quality product around.
    • Fast or Free delivery.
    • Rewards or incentives for repeat business
    • Offering unique add-on packages no one else can.

5. Who are your competitors?

Now that we have a concept of who you are, and what you’re looking to accomplish, we would like to know who your competitors are. We want to make you stand out, and we need to know what we’re up against!


6. What websites do you like and why?

We want your site to look absolutely awesome, but we want to make sure it’s delivering the message you want at the same time, so this is where we ask for some more input. What websites out there do you like? What do you like about them? Are there things you don’t like about them? Why? The more insight you can give us the better looking site we can create!


7. Who exactly are your customers and what are their pains?

Often times we hear, “We sell to everyone!” and that’s a great attitude to have! We just like to go one step further, ‘If you could roll your perfect customer into one, what would they be like?’

When designing, we try to communicate:

  1. Pain – What is the problem?
  2. Promise – How we do promise to solve this problem?
  3. Proof – Examples of how you’ve been able to solve this problem in the past

Everyone in business solves a problem of some sort. It’s our job as a designer to communicate that.

8. What features do you want your website to have?

Often you will have finally made the decision to get a new website because you have seen something online that they like. You might think these are all standard features, but they take time to design & implement, and we just want to make sure we have everything on your site that you want.

For example, You might want:

  • A shopping cart?
  • Social media implementation?
  • Email collection and email marketing capability?
  • Auto-responders for nurturing?
  • A blog or news feed?
  • Photo galleries?
  • Onsite videos?
  • A slider banner?
  • A mobile site?
  • A responsive site?
  • A blog or news page?
  • The ability for people to leave comments?
  • A quick contact form, quote request or booking form?

Whatever you want, we want to know about it!