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At MurphyWerx Productions, we offer the highest quality of work and service. Our services include video production services, real estate videography, real estate photography, corporate video production and other commercial videography. Our philosophy focuses heavily on client satisfaction and customer service. We work hard to create astonishing photos and videos so you can market, brand and grow your business. Check out MurphyWerx Productions and our most recent works. Feel free to contact us below to get your productions started today!

Real Estate Photography

While working along side Real Estate Agents & Vacation Rental Managers, always hear 'make it look great!', and that's exactly what we do. We are not the 'kid with a camera' company, and we simply do not deliver a product that you would be unhappy with.
Using over 4 years real estate photography experience, we are always efficient with scheduling times, and prompt with our guaranteed 2-day turn-around time.

How to Use Video for Real Estate

In selling properties, sellers and buyers are now taking advantage of the power of real estate video. It is a known fact that aside from boosting listings it also increases sales. Video for Real Estate gives a different appeal to the showcased property. Still photos are not enough, it can surely attract more people if they can see how amazing the property inside and out to potential clients. screenshot_17

Most realtors would hire a professional videographer to ensure the quality of the videos will leave the clients in awe. This will allow the seller to showcase the inside of the property as well as the entire neighborhood. Potential buyers get that feel of being toured by watching a video for real estate. This will make them eager to set an appointment to personally see the property.

Since studies have shown an increase of sure sale using real estate marketing videos, realtors are now creative in conceptualizing their video. Promoting their company, their background and previous transactions. They even use these real estate marketing videos on their landing page.

Here are some guidelines on how you can use a Video for Real Estate

Informational Videos of The Property

It is very important for real estate agents to market themselves and their company by providing their potential client’s information as to why they need the house or what type of home would fit their lifestyle. Knowing what the client really needs will also serve as how reliable they are as realtors.

Local Marketing Video for Real Estate

Include in your real estate marketing video how knowledgeable you are in the area. For example what community events they have, organizations, neighborhood, people and school zone. These things are very crucial to potential buyers for they have a particular standards with their surroundings. It would be a plus in gaining their trust once they see how you are familiar with the location.

Pre-Listing Realtor Videos

There are many real estate agent videos that you can find on different social media platform. This is a fast and effective way of connecting to your potential clients on a personal level. Luckily there are video making companies ready to help out and understands the importance of a high quality real estate marketing products.


Real estate video pricing is very affordable yet with satisfying results. There are many ways that you can do your video. Some would have a collaboration of drone photography and video, others would have an interview or testimonial type. It’s really up to you as long as it is short, direct to the point, precise and creative then you are good to go. Always remember that an agent who uses real estate marketing videos tend to sell more properties.

There are a lot of real estate video production company available for realtors. Just let them know your concept and they will pitch in some of their ideas to make your video more realistic and engaging to your video. Realtors can also include these videos on their signature email for client’s reference.

The Corporate Video Production Trends Today

In the earlier days, you would know about a new business establishment or service through radio, television and print ads. It has taken a big turn in advertising your business and services. Social media platform has a big contribution in showing off the best marketing videos of all time.

Regardless of what business you have, as an owner you would want to engage with your targeted audience in a more personal way. Business video marketing is the bridge to accomplish that. There are many business video services available to create the ideal company video for you.

There are many ways to have the perfect Corporate Video Production. Do some research to gather additional ideas to include with your own. There are social media channels that you can check out for more corporate video examples. You can pick up some tips on effective marketing video as well. 

For effective video marketing make sure that you focus on what message you want to deliver to your targeted audience. Add a touch of personality and a little humor in order to be more engaged. Give a brief introduction about your business and what you can offer that would benefit your clients. It is very crucial to harbor your audience trust.

If making a corporate video is too much for you to handle, there are video marketing companies that you can hire. They are experienced enough to create the corporate video that suits your budget without sacrificing the quality of the finished product. In collaborating with these experts you have to remember that they are a bit pricey. There are many process involved such as video editing and video shoots. You will be working with talented professional video production team to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Be open with your ideas and what you want to establish with your video so that they would have a clear vision on what to do.

Business owners nowadays prefer video marketing strategy because it is less expensive and you can maximize the use of the product video. Just make sure that you have the needed social media platforms available so that you can distribute it anytime it is needed. Advertising has taken the big leap in reaching out to their audience. It is a wider and bigger range that we have to take advantage of. Explore and know more about corporate video presentation to see what’s new in the world of creative video productions today. You will be surprised as to how they do it and as to why use video marketing.

We must always remember that with Corporate Video Production, we can express and introduce our business and services to our targeted audience as long as we keep it short, simple and direct. This is a way to catch attention and be talked about. It is said that amateur business videos will easily be forgotten. It will just be a waste of time, energy and money to both ends. Don’t be afraid to experiment because this is the only way we would know what tweaks are needed to have a successful corporate video.


What to Include in Your Small Business Video

We all know that people are into watching videos nowadays. That is why most small entrepreneurs are now engaging in Small Business Video in order to reach out to their targeted audience. It is very important that you showcase your brand and product without your audience dozing off to your marketing video.

Here are some pointers on what you need for your small business video production.

Have A Video On Your Landing Page

Most small businesses will venture on online advertising. Since every business have websites for easier reference from future clients, owners would improve their landing page. Having a business video production on your website will guarantee that higher conversion rates are easily achieved. 

People will engage simply because it encourages them to know more about you and what you have to offer. Just make sure that your video won’t automatically play when they land on your page for this will eliminate the benefits of having a new customer.

Exhibit Your Services In Action

Aside from amazing photos of your services it will surely add up if you have commercial video production that your customers would see. This way you can easily showcase how you do your thing and why they should hire or have your product. This will automatically give them an idea of your services and you can easily share it your clients. This will also serve as a documentation of your work.

Use Interactive Video  

It is also a known fact that one factor to any blooming business is to gain your customers trust by engaging with them. This is why having interactive videos are truly effective in increasing that engagement level.

You can do this in so many ways. Like, have a short morning show to motivate your followers. Invite them to participate on your small events or post comments and feedback’s. Let them know that you are there for them for any inquiries. This will make them feel important and a part of what you are doing.

Create Anticipation by Using Teasers

Using teasers on what your business is all about or what you have in store for them will surely get them excited and more engaged. A promo video will keep them on their toes on your next step. No need for long videos. A short and simple one can do it. This is another way of preventing your company getting avert.

Be the Star of Your Small Business Video

Instead of hiring local stars to promote your product and services have yourself enjoy the limelight. You can also include your employees to participate in your small business video. Add your personality to your Small Business Video, a little humor won’t hurt. This will have a personal touch to your customers and this will have a more authenticity.

You can also use these videos to your other social media platforms so that it will be distributed to your targeted audience. Keep track of them and have fresh ideas on your next campaign for this will make a great impact to your customers.